In Jigotai taiji club we train taijiquan -and jian as modernized form of taijiquan. Jigotai taiji Club is member of the National Wushu Federation. Beside taiji, we train modernized forms of qigong. See for more info e.g. here.

Basic course to train Yang style 24-form starts every January and September., includes 2 training times a week (1 1/2 hours) and lasts about 3 months. The basic course costs 100 euros, but for University sports students and unemployed 40 euros.You need to fill basic registration form before you start training - teachers will inform you of the registration. After basic course you can continue to train further forms of taiji in our groups.

Whole year training costs 100 euros/person. Camps have their separate prices.Summer training costs 30 euros for term. If you just want to visit once to check which kind of sports form taiji is, it is free.See the current training times on front page. See also videos

Teachers: main teacher, shifu Zhang Fang, 7 duan, and teachers of our club.

Disclaimer: we train both taiji and qigong as internationally spread sports form and to maintain good health. We do not offer training for health problems or to cure any symptoms. Trainers are not insured, but the risk for accidents is very low (the only thing is to keep your knees and toes in the same line to avoid break knees).